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Arundo Removal at Suisun Creek

Salmonid Passage Barrier Removal on Wooden Valley Creek

Restoration and Monitoring of White Creek

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White Creek Restoration and Monitoring Project

White Creek is a tributary stream to Wooden Valley Creek that drains 6.6 square miles of southeastern Napa County and has had documented steelhead spawning and rearing.  However water temperatures in sections of White creek become too warm for steelhead. With the help of a grant from the State Coastal Conservancy, CLSI has built a cattle-exclusion fence and installed over 400 native plants on a half-mile reach of the creek.  As these plants mature they will provide canopy cover over the stream, decreasing water temperatures and creating improved in-stream conditions while also providing habitat for native wildlife species.  Monitoring of stream conditions before and after this restoration project is being accomplished with support from the State Coastal Conservancy as well as a grant from the State Water Resources Control Board and CALFED.  The monitoring report is available by clicking here

Before the restoration work began at the White Creek project site,

cattle were allowed in the riparian corridor

White Creek Cattle


A fence was built around the riparian corridor

to remove grazing pressure from revegetation efforts.

White Creek Fence

Over 400 native plants were installed along a half-mile section of White Creek.

Water was installed to provide water during the dry season.

 White Creek Reveg 1

  White Creek Plant

  White Creek Reveg 2

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