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Arundo Removal at Suisun Creek

Salmonid Passage Barrier Removal on Wooden Valley Creek

Restoration and Monitoring of White Creek

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Wooden Valley Creek Salmonid Passage Barrier Removal:

First Steps

Wooden Valley Creek drains approximately 14 square miles (including White Creek).  The Suisun Watershed Plan found the creek to have adequate habitat for rearing salmonids, but documented an obstruction to fish passage during low and moderate flows (see photo). This obstruction is an old concrete ford crossing that would need to be removed and replaced with a small bridge to allow fish passage while maintaining landowner access.  With the support of the State Coastal Conservancy, the first steps of barrier removal have begun, including a design plan, environmental review, and detailed cost estimates.  These steps have laid the groundwork for CLSI to pursue funding and permits for project implementation.  The Suisun Watershed Plan is available by clicking here.




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